The two of us rented a new home in Laurel Canyon for the weekend

I don’t get a lot of possibilities to visit California now that I had to transfer to New England when our supervisor moved their supplier offices. It was amazing residing in Los Angeles, simply because I was finally in such a diverse environment that I could drive to any corner, regardless of the time of day or night & find something exciting & fun. Being in your 20s in Los Angeles with few cares in the world is an experience I will cherish in our memories for the rest of our life. While it was a lot of fun at that time, it was tough to survive in an costly area when I wasn’t making much money as a service employee. I had to leave California before I could finally come back years later to visit semi-always. While the New England job pried me away from the Golden State, I now wonder all the time what it will take to get me to transfer back. I recently rented a new home in Laurel Canyon for a long weekend while going to see a few of our friends that live in Beverly Hills. Laurel Canyon is famous for all of the folk rock musicians who lived here in the 1960s & 1971s. It’s also a gorgeous town high up in the Hollywood Hills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Since our friends’ houses are in Beverly Hills, the two of us did a lot of walking down streets enjoy Wilshire & Rodeo before hitting a cannabis dispensary near Norma Triangle. All in all, our trip to Laurel Canyon & Beverly Hills was even more fun & exciting than I initially expected. I wish I could come back to transfer here forever, but hopefully that day will come sooner or later.


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