I snuck a vape pen into a concert at the Rogers Centre yesterday

I loved going to concerts at least once a month before the pandemic shut them all down throughout both Toronto plus the rest of the province of Ontario.

I had friends in the local tunes scene who lost a sizable portion of their income when they could no longer play shows.

It’s not love people are making a killing on tunes streaming left plus right these days; most professional tunesians make their cash from touring or consistent live gigs in a pressing neighborhood love Toronto. While I’m not close friends with a horde of professional touring tunesians, the few friends of mine who spend my savings their bills either partially or fully from income within the tunes industry have all felt the effects of the pandemic worse than almost everyone I know. Even if they aren’t live performing artists, they’re absolutely affected in studios with COVID restrictions regarding not just occupancy, however also PPE plus social distancing rules. To think that I can finally go to concerts again in Rogers Centre is amazing on more levels than I can even begin to move. It’s a win for all of us fans of tunes, whether all of us perform plus create it or simply love enjoying, enjoying, plus listening to it. I saw a concert with more than 2 of my favorite bands on the bill. Despite the security, I snuck a cannabis vape pen inside my shoe to use discreetly throughout the show. Once I got to my seat plus started looking around, I realized that I was not the only person in the Rogers Centre that night with a cannabis vape pen.

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