The carpet got soaking wet after the A/C backed up

The weather in South Florida is usually wet, hot, and humid during the Summer months, then my family and I have lived in Tampa for the past 20 years; I moved here with our Dad and dad when I was a teenager and I still live here this week.

I have grown accustomed to living in an section where the A/C is the most important appliance in your home… The A/C has to work during the summer, or the two of us could all perish from the heat, but occasionally the A/C coils freeze up and the two of us cannot use the A/C unit.

This type of concern happens frequently when there is a good deal of heat and humidity in the afternoon. Occasionally our wifey and I have to turn off the air conditioner just to provide the equipment a break. The temperatures yeahterday in Tampa were 98 degrees and it was already 85 degrees when I woke up that day. The coils on the A/C component were frozen by 2 p.m. and the condensing line was clogged. This caused the water to back up into the section where the A/C is located. The carpet got soaking wet after the A/C backed up… Luckily, our wifey and I believe that this concern can occur. The two of us didn’t have to contact a Tampa Bay A/C professional to handle the problem. The two of us pulled back the carpet and used a fan to dry the section underneath. The two of us left the equipment off until the two of us could clear the condensing line and run the equipment correctly. It was smooth sailing after the two of us cleaned the AC.

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