Even though it was raining, I didn't mind sitting outside

I suffer from terrible seizures that keep me from being able to work full time

A lot of people are unhappy living in Seattle, but I don’t mind the rain and dark skies. One of the biggest reasons why I love living in Seattle is due to the great fishing. There are plenty of places where I can easily access freshwater to fish for a number of aquatic species like perch, bass, trout, and halibut. I can also access the Pacific Ocean if I want to spend time deep-sea fishing. I moved to Seattle with my parents when I was six. I remember when we moved, because I was very upset with my mom and dad. I didn’t want to leave my friends and I really didn’t want to leave my grandparents. They lived a few miles away from my house and I spent time with them every day when my mom and dad were at work. Leaving them was really hard. Thankfully they visited Seattle a lot of times and we went back to see them as well. Now that I am a grown up, I am happy to be living on the west coast in a state where recreational and medical marijuana are both legal. I suffer from terrible seizures that keep me from being able to work full time. One of the reasons why I like fishing is due to the fact that there are very few activities I can still perform safely. I use medical marijuana products to help with seizures and I use recreational marijuana just for fun. In Seattle, it’s easy to find these products and most places have a variety of different items for sale.


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