I found a nice girl that loves me

I met my girlfriend when I was shopping for recreational marijuana supplies.

My girlfriend was a budtender at the Denver dispensary location.

I didn’t really know a lot about marijuana back then, and she was incredibly helpful. She was knowledgeable and able to answer everything that I asked. She knew the difference between an indica and a sativa and she knew just what to tell me to get an order to help the pain I was having in my knees. I thought the bartender was cute and she had a great smile. I knew it probably wasn’t a good idea, but I decided to ask her out for dinner and a movie. She seemed flattered and she took my number, but I wasn’t holding my breath for her to call. When she did call, I was very surprised. It was of course a happy surprise, but still a surprise. We had dinner a couple of times over the next month or two and we really got to know each other very well. When I go to the Denver dispensary, sometimes she gives me a discount. I tell her not to, but she can enter anything she wants into the computer because she is the manager now. I guess the job comes with a couple of good perks. My girlfriend also brings home samples from the Denver dispensary. Anytime they get a promo item, I get the product for free to try. I feel like a pretty lucky person for finding a girl that loves me and doesn’t have a problem with marijuana.

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