The cold water ice hash was pretty nice

Ice water hash is a very interesting and neat cannabis product.

Ice hash is created by using ice water to carefully sift through the trichomes from the cannabis sativa plant.

Ice hash, bubble hash, or cold water hash as it is typically known, is one of the more modern ways of making hash. Ice hash is not made using any solvents, and it can be rather expensive. Ice Ash can be sprinkled on top of a bowl, but it can also be used in a dab rig as well. One of my favorite flavors of ice hash is a sativa blend called Tutti Frutti. The Tutti Frutti sativa blend doesn’t have any taste or flavor, but it has an exceptional amount of THC. The tutti frutti ice hash is usually around 42% THC. My girlfriend and I usually purchase our ice hash from a cannabis shop in San Francisco. Almost all of the cannabis shops have some type of ice water hash, but the place in San Francisco is only 12 miles away from our home and on the way home from work during the week. It’s very easy to access the products that we want without ever having to make an extra drive on my day off work. I ordered cold water ice hash from the San Francisco cannabis shop. The driver brought everything in my order and I decided to dab the hash as soon as the driver left. I did not know what to expect from the ice hash and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it have good flavor and smell, but it was also a very nice high. I felt relaxed and calm with a little bit of energy to do something extra fun that day.
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