It really rains a lot in Portland, Oregon

During the winter months, it rains a whole lot in the city of Portland, Oregon.

I know that there are jokes about this in lots of movies and TV shows, but it’s really not just a joke.

It really does rain a whole lot in Portland! Long, wet winters are just a normal part of living in the Portland area, along with most of the western part of the state of Oregon. Rainy and gray days come and stick around for weeks and weeks at a time. As a matter of fact, from the month of October all the way through May, it’s usually chilly and rainy in Portland. Don’t even think about moving here if the rain gets you down and depressed. You will definitely not like it here if you crave the sunshine all year. Most of the time in the winters, there is at least one ice storm or a snow storm, too. Those usually end up shutting down the whole city for a couple of days since we aren’t used to it, and we all complain about the weather during the winter. Honestly, the weather is one of the reasons that I prefer to use a vitamin D supplement and a sunshine lamp. Those, along with the legalized cannabis trade here in Portland, keep me happy throughout the long, dreary winter months. I personally think that the summers in Portland are so great that they totally make up for the fact that the winters are so long and awful. I love it here, in spite of the rain.



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