I upset whether I was really following the law.

When I was growing up, our parents always taught myself and others to follow the laws, and she said that laws were made to protect people; I knew she was right, however I was young plus willing to do whatever our friends asked myself and others to do.

Both of us weren’t a gang, however every one of us were a gang of young people with no fear! Even though every one of us weren’t 21 yet, our friends plus I were already using marijuana.

In Los Angeles, California, where every one of us live, laws say you must be 21 in order to use marijuana, however the only way to get around this marijuana law, would be if you had a medical illness or condition, that would allow your parents to be your caretaker plus purchase marijuana for you; None of our friends nor I, had medical conditions that allowed us to get marijuana, but other than going on the streets plus purchasing marijuana, every one of us had no other way to purchase marijuana! Since every one of us were still minors, every one of us were regularly enjoying our backs to make sure no a single was going to Radice out about her marijuana use. Then, a single day, our father caught us. Instead of being a cool dad, she called the police, but dad wanted to teach us a lesson; From that moment on, I was upset whether I was really following the law. I waited till I was 21 to use marijuana, plus I never used it in public, but living in Los Angeles, California meant that I had a good place to grow up, plus I knew there laws were there to protect everyone, and all that meant, plus said I had to wait a couple of years to legally purchase our recreational marijuana.

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