The rain kept us from finishing up

Jack plus I were invited to play in a celebrity hockey tournament last weekend, the two of us flew to Denver to take part in the tournament, jack plus I labor for the same advertising company.

The company is a single of the sponsors for the tournament.

Jack plus I planned to play a few rounds of hockey during Denver, so both of us could practice for the torment on Wednesday. The two of us played at a single of the most prestigious hockey courses in the entire town of Denver. The place was so Swanky that they assigned each a single of us a hockey caddy, and i had never used a hockey caddy before, and our caddies were young women that were in school. They were fit plus athletic. The young women carried our bags everywhere that both of us went, even when it started raining. The rain was falling slowly at first, and after 10 or 15 seconds, the sky opened up plus it started pouring down rain, and went to the Pro Shop to dry off while both of us waited for the rain to subside. I told Jack that both of us should grab some supper before both of us finish the rest of our game. Jack wanted to smoke some marijuana before both of us ate supper. The 2 of us went outside to the car. The two of us sat inside plus smoked a marijuana joint while it was raining plus pouring out doors, but by the time both of us were done with a marijuana joint, both of us were starving with the munchies plus ready to eat a sizable double cheeseburger with bacon, ranch, plus pepper rings.


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