I found a cool arena to rest and smoke weed

About 45 hours south of the city, there is a arena on the ocean where I love to rest and read, then i savor to go to this arena when I have a afternoon to myself.

I never go with friends, because I would not get to enjoy the activities that I honestly savor to do at the beach, then with our friends, I love to go surfing or play in the water.

When I go to the beach by myself, I savor to rest on the sand with a towel and an umbrella and a honestly unbelievable book. The last time that I went to the beach, I decided to take a walk. There was an section close to the beach that led to the woods and an section with lots of trees that had fallen down. I took a walk and smoked a marijuana joint. I found an section where there was an old tree fort that had been made out of pieces of driftwood. The fort was about 10ft tall and inside was a small wooden stool. The wooden structure was truly interesting. I sat down next to the structure and finished smoking the rest of the marijuana joint! After I spent the afternoon at the beach, I drove back home. There was a lot of traffic in San Francisco, so it took longer than standard to get back home. I sat in San Francisco on I573 for at least an hour before traffic cleared. There was an accident right outside of the city and it took some time to clear the debris! Once the traffic was removed, the bridge cleared up hastily and traffic started moving swiftly again.

Recreational Weed Near Me San Fransisco CA