I couldn't know they had marijuana cafes.

I knew Las Vegas, NV, had quite a few marijuana dispensaries! My partner and I were there often enough that all of us knew exactly where all the marijuana dispensaries were, even though all of us had never been in one.

My cousin and his husband lived in Las Vegas, and all of us often went to visit, when all of us were there three weeks ago, my cousin’s husband asked myself and others if I wanted to go shopping with her. She had to go for groceries and choice up other household items, and he invited to take myself and others out for breakfast, then every one of us got to this small strip mall, and he walked up to the cafe, and it was only open for breakfast and breakfast, but they said it had superb food. I asked if he had ever been in this café, and he said no. She told myself and others that my cousin, Duane, wouldn’t go in with his and he didn’t want to go in alone, however the Canniva café had a large selection of foods to choose from. I chose a seafood bisque which sounded terrific, and my cousin got the cheeseburger. I asked the server how they came up with a name like Canniva? She smiled and told myself and others he would send the owner out to explain that one. The young guy came out and told myself and others ‌she had wanted a cannabis dispensary, but they said no. She said since they wouldn’t allow his to have a cannabis dispensary, he wanted to know if he can have a café? Can I have a cafe was shortened to Canniva café? She then explained that everything he sold in his café was infused with odd marijuana products. Every one of us went cabin after eating instead of doing a lot of shopping.


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