I wish that it didn’t rain so much around here

I suppose that I chose to transfer here, and I suppose that I wasn’t forced into it, then however, sometimes I honestly wish that it would stop raining so much; During the Winter months, it’s always raining in the neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, there are jokes about how much it rains here in cable shows and books, but honestly, it’s honestly the truth, then it’s not just a joke. It honestly does rain all the time here in Portland! The two of us have long wet winters and I believe that has just a normal section of living here, then most of the western section of the state of Oregon has rainy and gray mornings through the winter. It’s usually rainy in Portland all the way from November through May… Sometimes all of the rain makes myself and others think worried and depressed. If you crave the sunshine for most of the year, then you’re really not going to like it here at all; Everybody who lives here tends to complain about the weather during the winter, but just like me, they all knew what they were getting into when they came here! I usually take a vitamin D supplement all year long. Then last year, my boyfriend got myself and others a single of those sunshine lamps for Christmas… With things like that, along with the legalized cannabis trade here in Portland, I am able to maintain a pretty wonderful attitude throughout the year most of the time. The summers here are honestly great so I think they more than make up for the fact that the winters are long and dreary.
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