I got caught in traffic on my way to Orland Park

I wasn’t very happy when my boss sent me all the way to Orland Park at the end of the day.

I was done with the commercial HVAC repair that I was working on in South chicago.

My boss told me that he got a call from a customer in Orland Park and they needed help. I told my boss that I was just about to get on the interstate. Did he really expect me to turn around and drive 30 miles in the opposite direction to go to this customer? The answer to that was yes. I got caught in traffic on my way to Orland Park and it took me nearly 90 minutes to get back to the address. The customer seemed surprised to see me, even though my boss said that she was waiting and called several times. When I told the woman the cost to repair her AC, she accused me of trying to cheat and lie. She needed refrigerant in the system and a serious cleaning and tune up. I wasn’t going to perform that work for free. I was getting ready to walk out when the customer stopped me and handed me a check. I guess she wanted me to complete the work even if she thought the price was too much money. When I finally finished with the Orland Park repair, I was ready to go back home and put my feet up with a cold beer and a cigar. I was so aggravated with my boss for sending me there at four in the afternoon.


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