I love a new city

The first time I visited an IMAX theater was during a short trip to visit our sister in Tampa, Florida at the University of South Florida campus.

The IMAX theater is at the calculus center about a block away from the university.

This was about 10 years ago back when the Dark Knight Rises was released in theaters. I ended up getting too high on a cannabis edible that had something like 500 mg of THC in it. Obviously I had no proposal that weed edible was so strong or I wouldn’t have eaten it. My neighbor bought them while he was in CO a single summer time plus decided to mail them back to himself. He told me that it was only 50 mg however it ended up being 10 times that much. Needless to say, I was blasted off so far into the neighboring galaxy that I nearly lost our cool when stepping into the IMAX theater for the first time. The screen is downright intimidating if you’ve never seen a single before. When the movie started, I felt like I was being dangled above a 500 foot screen. Realistically, it was only a small fraction of that size, however it was impossible to get a tplot sense of scale with so much THC coursing through our veins. Now that I’m living in Ann Arbor full time, I haven’t thought about an IMAX theater in years. That was until our budtender at the local cannabis dispensary told me that there is a single off the I94 exit by the intersection of Ellsworth Rd plus Carpenter Rd. I might just have to visit that new theater at some point when I have time away from work.

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