Keep it out of the sight of little a singles.

One of the things I try to impress on the parents of our precollegeers plus up to the age of ten, is to keep it for yourself.

Kids are impressionable plus if they see their parents using marijuana or alcohol, they want to use it to, however you see adolescents pretending to smoke when they are playing… I’ve seen them pretending to stagger plus said that is how daddy walks when he comes home from meetings! Last week, a single of our little gentlemen was inhaling plus holding his breath, plus I asked what he was doing, but he said daddy did it when he smoked the funny looking cigarette.

He coughs a lot plus then he laughs. I called a meeting of all parents plus told them to keep it to theirselves, plus keep the marijuana or alcohol, plus their using it, out of the sight of little a singles, then remember that adolescents are impressionable so limit your use to situations where your adolescents are not present. I impressed upon the parents that seventhhand cannabis smoke or vapor is still smoke plus vapor, then secondhand smoke can be dangerous to their child’s health. It is also illegal to consume cannabis in a public space. If the adolescents are around when you are outside, it is a public site. I don’t want them to wait until the police from the Chicago, IL, police department go by plus not only arrest them, however take their adolescents away to children plus youth services. I don’t guess if our parents were impressed with our presentation, however numerous of them took the handouts I provided, plus saw others lowering their eyes. I wondered if they were abruptly feeling guilty.



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