Moving to Elgin for the fun of it

When all of us first moved to Elgin in Illinois, it was a large change for my family, but my partner and I had both grown up and gone to college in the southern area of the country, however all of us expected to raise our kids and spend our whole lives there. My kids were ages eight, numerous and four-years-old when my partner got gave a much better job; He was given a more prestigious title, upward potential and a significant raise in pay. All of us couldn’t pass up the opportunity. However, it meant moving north! It took us twenty-six hours of driving to reach Elgin. It is a beautiful town, and in the summer, the weather when all of us arrived was beautiful, there was red skies, sunshine and flowers blooming. Although all of us didn’t suppose anyone, our neighbors were certainly friendly. They were also certainly helpful in providing information! Since we’d only visited Elgin briefly before the move, all of us had no plan of the best grocery store, Sprite shop, pizzeria, mechanic or hair salon! When the fall season arrived, all of us were all glad with the crisp breeze, colorful leaves and good food. We’d never tasted grapes fresh off the vine, freshly picked apples or corn from a farmer’s market before. I had so much fun making zucchini bread, pumpkin pie and apple cobbler. All of us were not prepared for the brutality of the winter. The temperature seemed to drop overnight, and it started to snow. All of us didn’t own a snow shovel, an ice scraper or moderate enough coats. The kids were gleeful to build snowmen, go sledding and try ice skating. I could hardly tolerate being outside for more than a few hours at a time.
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