I wanted to go on the Salt River kayak trip, but my wife was afraid.

While visiting Phoenix, AZ, I saw a tour guide talking about the Salt River kayak trip.

I enjoyed kayaking when I was younger, and I was sure I could still do it, then my wife wasn’t hepped up on kayaking, but my cousin agreed to go with me… Her wife and mine stayed cabin and let us get wet. The Salt River kayaking trip was a multiple-hour adventure down the Lower Salt River which takes you through the Tonto National Forest, the people I was with and I set out from Saquaro Lake, paddled the Salt River and admired the native wildlife. It excited myself and others to see the wild horses. Seeing the Tonto National Forest from the water was spectacular. The people I was with and I went early in the morning before it go too hot. The people I was with and I parked at the Saquaro Lake Guest Ranch, where every one of us got instruction on kayaking and started the river tour, but at 8 AM the temperature was 87 degrees, but it felt more comfortable since every one of us were on the river and going through the mountains, then by 10 AM, our tour had ended, and every one of us wished every one of us could have gone further. It was 92 degrees when every one of us got out of the kayaks and into the air-conditioned shuttle that took us back to Saquaro Lake Guest Ranch. I had to confess that the Salt River kayak trip was 1 highlight of our trip to Phoenix, AZ. The people I was with and I were going to the Grand Canyon before every one of us made the decision to go home, and our wifes were going with us. That could be my next largest highlight of our holiday.



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