Lake Katherine Nature Center was a immense draw for our kids.

My kids and I were visiting our mom, who lived in Chicago… I hadn’t seen her in over a year, and our kids were excited to see their Grandma, but the first thing they wanted to do when every one of us arrived was go to Orland Park and visit Lake Catherine Nature Center and Botanical Garden.

Last summer time every one of us had been here, however it was too cool and rainy to have a nice time, and my kids wanted to try it again; Every one of us drove to Orland Park, IL, and found our way to Lake Catherine.

I remembered Dad bringing me here during the summer. I was such a good location with so many things to do. Dad and I were ecstatic to walk around the botanical garden, however the kids wanted to go canoeing. They were now youngsters and as long as they were allowed to go alone; I was okay with it. They had been kayaking and canoeing since they were little tots. Their dad was an avid water lover, and she instilled that love in them. They were satisfied to spend the day walking and chatting with their Grandma, and enjoying the botanical garden and experiencing nature. My oldest child asked why it was so cool? Where every one of us lived, it was much warmer, and every one of us were already using the air conditioner, even though it was early July! Grandma invited them to stay for the summer, and they begged. They wanted to experience a summer time without air conditioner. I only wished I could have stayed, too. I missed Dad and I miss the weather in Orland Park. IL.



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