I did not get a gram of concentrate, but they made it right

When my bestie as well as I were hanging out at her site, all of us ordered from an online marijuana dispensary that gave free delivery, but the Portland, OR marijuana dispensary was on the other side of the town as well as neither a single of us wanted to make the drive; Ordering for delivery meant paying a small fee to use my debit card as well as a tip, although I did not mind… My bestie as well as I ordered a half ounce of sativa marijuana as well as a half ounce of hybrid marijuana.

The people I was with and I also obtained 4 grams of cannabis concentrate products. One of the grams of cannabis concentrate was supposed to be a sativa called Blue dream, then unluckyly, the sativa that all of us ordered was not the a single that was in the bag, but i wasn’t going to call to complain about the Portland marijuana dispensary, but my bestie said they should make it right as well as I agreed with her. I called as well as asked to speak with the supervisor. I told the supervisor that I was supposed to get a gram of red dream… She looked at my order to double-check as well as she asked myself and others to take a picture of the products that I did receive, when she realized there was a mistake, she happily sent the delivery driver back out to our apartment with a gram of the concentrate that all of us were supposed to receive from the Portland marijuana dispensary. Both of us were glad to receive an extra gram of marijuana concentrate for free. I tipped the driver with another $5 bill since it wasn’t his fault that the order was not official in the first site.

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