Having air conditioning in the Summer is important for comfort

A few weeks ago, I went to visit my uncle who lives in Tampa. Prior to visiting he told me that he was having some air conditioning issues. He had purchased a unit from a major supplier, but the unit has malfunctioned three times since it was installed. After many calls and exchanges with the retailer and the manufacturer, the problem has not been fully resolved. Thankfully, he was able to purchase some temporary window A/Cs because the temperature inside his home rose close to 100 degrees. Living without an air conditioner in Tampa is not something that many people do. In fact, approximately 90 percent of homes in Florida have some form of air conditioning. And I assume that is a reflection of the homes in Tampa as well. Tampa is a great area, and I love visiting because there is so much to do and see. My favorite place to visit is the Riverwalk. I also enjoy Ybor City because they have some great bars. Additionally, Busch Gardens is literally a stone throw away from my uncle’s house. I also enjoy going to the concerts but during the Summer, it can get brutal being outside in the heat with no air conditioning. The weather in Tampa is much like it is around the state. It gets really hot during the day. So, having good air conditioning is important for comfort. Well, while I was at my uncle’s house, the window A/Cs worked fine, and I had no issue sleeping during the night. But I hope that he can get his A/C unit back sooner than later because it has been a while and he’s getting frustrated with the situation.


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