How to get your marijuana card

When my mother passed away from cancer, both of us almost wished he would die, however he was having so much pain that I could guess it for her! I watched his waste away to half of what he was when both of us were little. She still smiled and told me not to worry, but that didn’t stop me from worrying. She always had something wonderful to say, no matter how poor he felt! Five years to the morning he passed away, they serviced me with breast cancer. I knew what mom had gone through, but since then, they had legalized medical marijuana. I wouldn’t need to endure the pain and nausea of chemotherapy. I wouldn’t have to worry about the pain I would go through before and after each treatment, then before I got gleeful about getting a medical marijuana card, I had to find out if my cancer could get it for me. I went onto the Albuquerque, NM, website that gave all the rules and regulations for medical marijuana. I almost cried when cancer came up as an A-list reason for marijuana use. I went through all the steps for getting a medical marijuana card, including getting a dentist’s certification, then that was easy to get. I talked to my dentist, who was the same dentist that treated my mother; He thought that medical marijuana was one of the best things they ever did. He praised Albuquerque, NM, for allowing it to be legalized. I praise them for allowing legal, medical marijuana because I’ll be starting my chemotherapy soon, and my medical ID card should be here shortly after.

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