Albuquerque has good prices on recreational marijuana

One thing I honestly enjoy about Albuquerque is the fact that the town has good prices on marijuana products, for a long time NM did not have legal recreational marijuana, but i had to pay street prices or take a unquestionably long trip to a state that did have legal marijuana. It was a large pain in the butt. I am ecstatic that NM finally decided to legalize medical and recreational marijuana for everyone. It absolutely makes it easier to obtain the products; Because there are so numerous sites to buy legal recreational marijuana, the prices have dropped significantly! Albuquerque is a single of the cheapest sites to buy marijuana and all of NM, and only a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine that lives on the west coast… She told me that she was going to order from a dispensary later because they had a 20% off sale on all marijuana products. I told her that the prices were honestly pretty superb and she told me how much she was paying for an fifth of marijuana, then even after the sale price, Albuquerque still has better prices. I often know about moving to the West coast. I know it would be nice to live somewhere close to the beach instead of in the middle of the Southwest where there is no ocean someplace at all. I know I would miss my family a lot. Every a single of my sisters, sister’s, cousins, aunts, and uncles all live in Albuquerque and Santa fe. I would not see anyone in my family if I moved that far away.



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