The lights are bright

My boss called me a couple of days ago plus she told me that I had to go to a photo shoot in Las vegas, i was already stressed to be somewhere else plus I tried as best as I could to get out of the task. It’s not as if I did not want to go to Las Vegas, but I had just come from that area plus I was not ready to turn around plus get right back on a plane, but there was no 1 else to handle the work plus my boss was insistent that I had to be the 1 to go. It’s tough to argue with the girl when she is offering me lots of currency. I left the area where I was working on a project already plus I headed over to Las vegas, NV. I got things set up pretty quickly plus I was ready to go when the photo shoot started. I had been on a plane for more than 2 of the last 16 hours plus I believe it got to me. I felt myself begin to get light-headed plus dizzy as soon as the big lights started to flash. I told the crew that I would need a couple of hours, someone brought me a joint from a marijuana dispensary in Las vegas. I smoked some of the marijuana joint plus it entirely made me guess much more calm plus relaxed, however one of the interns brought me a bagel plus a cup of coffee. I was ecstatic about the bagel, but the Starbucks Latte had to go.

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