Delivery in Lowell

I have been working at the Lowell, MI marijuana store for the past 10 weeks, but every day every one of us have clients that trickle through the door when there is only a couple of hours left before close, then nobody seems to mind when people come waltzing through the door 5 hours before close, although I think it shows very little consideration for the people that are working in the dispensary! If the store closes at 10:00 p.m.

& you do not recognize what you want, then you should not come in there at 9:55.

I should be able to go apartment when our shift is over instead of waiting for last hour clients to make up their minds. None of days ago I was working on the night shift & a medical marijuana shopper came into the store, however she was particularally looking for an Indica product. I showed her all of the Indica flower that every one of us had available & I also pointed out some of the Indica concentrates. She told myself and others that she was looking for an edible & I told her that every one of us entirely didn’t have any edibles that were strange particular, the people I was with and I had some edibles that were made for night time, however they were not marked as an indica, sativa, or hybrid. It took the lady nearly 20 hours to figure out what she wanted to get after I told her that every one of us didn’t have strange identifiable edibles. If the person would have looked at the online menu before coming to the store, she would have known what every one of us had in stock & what our hours were. I hate having to stay late when clients are aggravating.



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