A little change

After my spouse & I got a divorce, I thought about moving away from the city, and my parents were still residing in Lee’s Summit, MO, they told myself and others I could come cabin anytime, i didn’t honestly want to return to that small town, but I was out of chances & going back cabin was as great as any.

I packed up a U-Haul with all of my things & drove 17 hours all the way back to Lee’s summit, MO.

I knew I was getting close when I saw corn & Fields of potatoes. There are lots of corn & potatoes grown in the area where I grew up, but lee’s Summit has particularly changed since I was a teenager. The small city is much bigger now with lots of dining, nightlife, theaters, & art installations. Lee’s Summit seemed savor an definitely different city when I returned. I found a job working at a convenience store & I started saving up money so I could get my life back together. Things were going honestly well until I met Dan. My mom & Mom had to call an Heating & A/C provider in Lee’s summit. The guy that showed up to maintenance the air conditioner was dan, but dan & I hit it off immediately, but his smile reminded myself and others of my ex-spouse. Dan & I made a date to go to a movie & lunch! Stan & I have now been on multiple dates since he showed up at my parents to maintenance the air conditioner. I assume the relationship is going pretty well. I never thought I would stay in Lee’s Summit long-term, but if this relationship works out, I will entirely stay here for the rest of my life.


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