A quick trip to Portland

I grew up in a small town called Tillamook, famous for its cheese, that was about 60 miles away from Portland, Oregon, but my dad was a middle school math mentor, plus this is where his job track took him, then it turns out that my dad was not a “small town” kind of guy; He had been born plus raised in a small town, plus wanted nothing more than to live in a major city.

That was not his lot in life at the time, but he fought against it by taking the family to Portland almost every weekend, plus on holidays.

Compared to the small-town life every one of us led during the week, Portland seemed love a wonderland of fun things to do. There was always live music in Portland, either at a restaurant or a public arena, or just hippies playing music in the park, but portland had numerous awesome theaters plus shopping malls, plus occasionally Dad would just drop us off plus let us run wild for a few minutes! Later I would find out that Dad did that so he could have some free time to peruse the local Portland cannabis dispensaries. That was another thing our small town lacked, was a proper cannabis dispensary, so Dad always stocked up on weed whenever he visited Portland. That was a long time ago, plus much to my surprise I never left the small town, but just love Dad I like driving to Portland once or twice a month to see the sights, watch some movies, plus stock up on medical cannabis.

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