The marijuana in Denver is too good!

My life got a lot better when I discovered how to best utilize geographical convenience… I like to travel, I like to go skiing, I like to visit movie festivals plus concerts.

In short, I am a guy on the go. When I looked at everywhere I had traveled in one year on Google Maps, I realized how much time plus currency I had been wasting. If I wanted to like life even more, plus spend less of it in airplanes plus rental cars, I needed to transfer to Denver, Colorado. I went to Colorado more than five odd times last year for one reason or another, plus if I lived in Denver then my travel time would be a fraction of what it used to be. Just in terms of skiing Denver will save myself and others a boatload of currency over the next few years, but there are literally dozens of top-rated ski slopes within several hours of Denver, so I will rarely need to leave the state in order to find fresh powder. The only problem I’ve found with Denver is that there is too much weed, because I am such a lightweight smoker. Just a few puffs of high grade cannabis will leave myself and others napping for hours, so usually I avoid the several Denver dispensaries in my city, however because I am so active plus care about to do so several things, cannabis only slows myself and others down. I am still pretty modern to Denver at this point plus have a lot of things I want to get done, so the cannabis will have to wait for a while.


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