The tune-up on our furnace covers a lot of stuff

Every year it seems like the temperatures get a little bit colder! Maybe it’s because our fiance and I live close to the great lakes, but there are absolutely colder temperatures and more snow when you live close to Lake Michigan, however i never experienced this much snow when I was a kid, but the people I was with and I were more than two hours south of the lake.

My fiance, myself, and our children all live in Alsip, Illinois; We’re about an hour away from Chicago, in a small neighborhood that is much smaller.

The cost of real estate was cheaper in Alsip, which is 1 of the reasons why our fiance and I moved here after university was over. In order to make sure that our furnace is ready for the cold Winter season, our fiance and I contact a heating company in Alsip to perform a complete and exhaustive list of preventative repairs and measures that help the furnace work better while I was in the Winter months… Some of these measures include inspecting the wiring, checking the electrical connections, and visually inspecting the heat exchanger, flame operation, and gas pressure. The furnace repair company also inspects the igniter or pilot light, Air flow, ductwork, and all of the duct connections, and even a brand new furnace needs a repair tune up at least 1 time each year. It makes sense to call a professional. There are many repair providers in the Cook County section and a few right here in alsip. Many of the companies provide services 24 hours a day and 7 days a month in the event of a Winter emergency.

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