The boutique wanted a dollar for pre rolls

My wifey and I spent the afternoon driving around Los angeles… I adore driving in the city, even if there is traffic.

All of us visited the beaches and all of us opted to go up to the mountains.

All of us ended up in Beverly Hills at a clothing boutique, and she insisted that she had to have clothing from the store, because no 1 else in our small neighborhood would have the same shirt or skirt as her. She was so gleeful about the clothing boutique that I felt awful saying no. I spent about $500 that afternoon in the Beverly Hills shop. Later that afternoon all of us were looking at watches and I spent $400 on a watch that was an antique. I liked the way that it looked and it felt good on our arm. After dinner all of us opted to go to a marijuana shop in Beverly hills… The marijuana shop was called a boutique. It looked genuinely expensive and important. There was a light on the outside of the door and a bill that you had to ring in order to come inside. The prices on all of the marijuana products were higher than any prices that I have ever paid in the past. The cheapest marijuana concentrate product was $129. It was the same product that I could get up the street for 60 bucks. I wanted to buy something badly from that insane marijuana shop in Beverly hills, but there was no way that I was going to pay many times as much currency for something that I could buy back up-to-date home for half the cost.

Pot Pick-up Beverly Hills California