There’s so much traffic in Los Angeles, but there’s tons to do at night

There is a ton of traffic in Los Angeles, but there are 75 miles of beaches and shoreline and 300 days of sun every year.

There really isn’t anything not to love about Los angeles.

If you can find a reason to hate on LA, its because you don’t want to be happy. I spent a week with some friends and we went out every single night to enjoy a different activity. We want to see a local band play at a bar. We went to see the taping of a Hollywood television show. We also went to a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary with a lounge. I’ve never been to a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary before. It looked a lot different than the marijuana dispensaries from the town where I live. Most of those dispensaries are really small and crowded and they don’t have a huge selection of products. The Los Angeles marijuana dispensary looked three times as big as the places at home and they had about a thousand different types of marijuana products. My friends and I browse the selection of edibles, dried marijuana flower, concentrates, elixirs, and vape pen accessories. I purchased a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints and my friends bought some edibles. We sat down in the lounge and smoked the marijuana joint. The Los Angeles marijuana dispensary was busy. People were coming in and out the whole time that we sat there. The place must make a fortune during the day when people are out walking and having fun. The shop is right on the Main Avenue where all of the other shopping and tourist activities take place.

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