Seattle is famous for a few things

The west coast has lots of major cities as well as ports, none being more famous than Seattle, WA, then the pacific northwest has 1 of the greatest ports in this small city, located near Puget Sound.

The neighborhood of Seattle is known for a number of things, however one of the largest things that people think about when they hear Seattle is the space needle, however you cannot have a list of famous places in Seattle as well as not include the space needle.

The landmark icon as well as historic part of the skyline has been there since the early 1960s, but another thing that is well known in Seattle are the headquarters for amazon. There are a lot of tech companies in the area, but both Amazon as well as Microsoft were born in seattle. There are lots of outdoor activities as well as fun things appreciate Mount Rainier, Puget sound, as well as the Pacific Northwestern rim. All of these places offer charming views as well as tons of water as well as Hiking activities; Seattle is also known for recreational marijuana. The recreational marijuana laws in Seattle were passed over 10 years ago. All residents of the state of Seattle as well as all visitors with a valid ID have the ability to purchase medical as well as recreational marijuana from a dispensary in seattle. There are lots of different dispensaries that sell marijuana products, then many of these places offer deals for first-time customers. It’s impossible not to find something fun for pretty much everyone in Seattle. If you plan to be in the neighborhood for a couple of afternoons, I would absolutely see the space needle, grab a lazy morning at the water, as well as visit a recreational marijuana dispensary.



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