The university needed some volunteers to help with the fair

My child came beach lake house from university and told me that the class was looking for volunteers to help with the fair… My spouse and I didn’t suppose what kind of volunteers they were looking for, but we signed up to help with the project, then on the sign up sheet, there was a spot to list any special skills or services, i put in that part that I was an Heating and A/C supplier; The booster club must have seen a supplier and thought that I was a building expert.

I’m not a general supplier, so I very do not have the same knowledge and know-how as a man that would be great at building sets and scenery, when the Lee’s Summit university called to ask me for help, I didn’t want to say no.

I told the man on the iPhone that I would be ecstatic to help in any way possible, although I wanted his to suppose that I was an Heating and A/C supplier and not a general building supplier… She didn’t seem to mind and told me to come to the university on the following Monday so we could have a meet and greet. The two of us used that time to find out how every skill and special talent could help the Lee’s Summit university district earn money for the upcoming field trip, then later during the week the booster club president called me with a great idea. She wanted me to get our boss to donate a portable A/C to raffle off at the university function. That was absolutely something I could do. I got our boss to donate a heating system and an A/C for the university function in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.


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