Regular service is a smart thought

When I first moved to Albuquerque, I wasn’t prepared for the severity of the weather… I knew the summers would be quite tepid however hadn’t realized that hot and cold temperatures in the nineties would be common.

The cold winters came as a complete surprise.

I didn’t guess that it often snows in Albuquerque, and the temperature drops into the twenties. It’s necessary to run the heating program for half the year… Both of us rely on the cooling system for the other more than five months. There are afternoons when the two of us need to run the cooling program and then switch to heating that same night. The extreme weather conditions put a great deal of wear and tear on the oil furnace and cooling system. The cost of keeping a comfortable home is quite high. I’ve l earned that seasonal service is vital to program performance, however along with replacing air filters every month separate from fail, I’ve enrolled in a service program with a local Heating & Air Conditioning contractor in Albuquerque. They send a NATE-certified serviceman to handle a complete tune-up of the oil furnace in the fall and the cooling system in the Spring. The serviceman thoroughly concernshoots to identify any worn or broken parts, and he tests operation, tightens electrical linkions, lubricates moving parts, performs safety checks and cleans all components. Because of this proactive service, the unit performs at peak efficiency, capacity and reliability. I avoid needless repairs and pay less in energy bills. I can expect the oil furnace and cooling system to last longer and give superior comfort and air quality. Regular service also fulfills the stipulations of the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure continued coverage.


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