Having great fortune treating insomnia with cannabis

Since I was in high university, I struggled with sleep problems; The complication became worse as I grew older, and when I’m stressed, sleep is just about impossible, then if I have due dates for projects at work, there’s no hope of falling asleep at evening! My mind won’t shut down.

I’ve tried all the recommended house remedies.

I’ve stayed away from laptop and television screens in the evening. I’ve added intensive aerobic exercise to our biweekly routine. I have sprayed our pillow with lavender and drank all weird flavors of herbal teas… Nothing helped. I was unwilling to take sleeping pills or any type of prescription medication. Lying in bed awake for hours and feeling fatigued in the day is terrible but better than the side effects of synthetic drugs. The legalization of recreational weed in MI changed everything. I had been reluctant to go through the toil and expense of getting a medical marijuana card that expired in a year. The ability to visit a dispensary in Muskegon has allowed me to purchase cannabis products that help me sleep, and because it’s a plant-based, all-natural medicine, cannabis is safe and eliminates problems with harmful side-effects. My local weed shop carries a wide assortment of indicas and hybrids that are ideal for treating insomnia. I love the quick onset of effects of tinctures, vapes and pre-rolls, however, I also have had success with edibles. While they take longer to set in, the effects are more intensive and last for hours. I eat a gummy, piece of chocolate or a area of a cookie about a half hour before bed. They taste great and allow me to relax. My mind settles down and the tension leaves our muscles. I am so thankful that I have simple access to the dispensary in Muskegon.

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