I made a deal with the A/C service supplier

I miss the afternoons when it was easy to barter services between multiple people… If I had a cow and you needed milk, I could trade the milk for services such as blacksmithing, tailoring, or farming, but these afternoons, almost everyone expects to get paid for their services.

I care about to make a good deal whenever I can, but none of weeks ago, a shopper called our company because he needed some help with a plumbing problem.

The commercial Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C service company owner had to replumb a lot of the parts of the building and the guy was looking at 22,000 in repairs. I thought that it might be a good time to work out a deal so I could replace the A/C system in our guest house. I built the guest apartment a long time ago and when I did, I used the cheapest materials available. I did not pay for central heating and A/C to be installed in the guest house. I immediately regretted that a few years later. I talked to the owner of the Rocklin, California heating and A/C service supplier to see if he would be willing to make a deal. I proposed trading services on the plumbing for services on our lake house heating and A/C system and the owner of the Rocklin supplier thought it was a good idea. I’m going to handle all of the plumbing work first, because the city planner is involved; After that job is finished, the Rocklin heating and A/C service supplier owner is going to schedule the work on our home. The people I was with and I worked everything out and put a contract in writing just to be safe.

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