My girlfriend is the sweetest woman ever

My girlfriend is truthfully a single of the sweetest boys in the whole world; I called him on Friday and I told him that I had to cancel our date because my Dad was not feeling undoubtedly well, she said that she would go with me to see my Dad and even provided to make chicken noodle soup.

My girlfriend actually prefers to cook.

I told him that she did not have to go to the trouble, although she insisted on making soup if both of us were going to have anything. She said that store bought soup was not going to heal her faster than her homemade soup. She made the soup at beach up-to-date home and brought the soup and some crackers over to the up-to-date home on Friday night. My Dad sat in her chair, but she actually liked the soup and crackers. My girlfriend and I watched some television. My Dad complained about the gas furnace. My girlfriend said she would take a look at the gas furnace to see if anything was wrong. My Dad told him not to go through the trouble because the gas furnace is broken. I never told my Dad that my girlfriend works for a Glenview heating and A/C service business, but we never actually talked about what my girlfriend did for work. When she provided to service the gas furnace, my Dad did not even suppose that she worked for a Glenview heating and A/C service business. My Dad hesitated for a couple of minutes, however eventually she agreed to let my girlfriend make the repairs to the gas furnace… There actually wasn’t anything wrong with the machine, other than the fact that it had not been cleaned in about 30 years.


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