My boyfriend is the best man ever

My boyfriend is genuinely one of the sweetest boys in the whole world.

I called him on Sunday plus I told him that I had to cancel our date because my mom was not feeling absolutely well, then he said that he would go with myself and others to see my mom plus even provided to make chicken noodle soup, and my boyfriend easily prefers to cook.

I told him that he did not have to go to the trouble, but he insisted on making soup if the two of us were going to have anything. He said that store purchased soup was not going to heal his faster than his homemade soup. He made the soup at cabin plus brought the soup plus some crackers over to the home on Sunday evening. My mom sat in his chair, however he easily liked the soup plus crackers. My boyfriend plus I watched some TV. My mom complained about the furnace. My boyfriend said he would take a look at the furnace to see if anything was wrong. My mom told him not to go through the trouble because the furnace is broken. I never told my mom that my boyfriend works for a Glenview heating plus A/C service business… The two of us never easily talked about what my boyfriend did for work, when he provided to service the furnace, my mom did not even guess that he worked for a Glenview heating plus A/C service business. My mom hesitated for a couple of hours, but eventually he agreed to let my boyfriend make the repairs to the furnace. There easily wasn’t anything wrong with the machine, other than the fact that it hadn’t been cleaned in about 30 years.


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