Outside of Beverly Hills, there are some enjoyable deals on marijuana

The median household income in Beverly Hills is almost more than five figures… That number grows with intensity every single year! Last year there were more than 40,000 people living in the neighborhood of Beverly hills! I used to live in the neighborhood until it was too luxurious, my husbandy & I were renting a a single dining room house house in downtown Beverly hills.

I was working at a marijuana dispensary nearby & my husbandy was working at an lavish clothing boutique, then between the money I was making at the Beverly Hills marijuana dispensary & the money that my husbandy made at the lavish clothing boutique, the two of us had just enough money to pay for our a single dining room house apartment! Unluckyly, prices continue to rise every year.

The owner of the house building told my husbandy & I that our rent was going up 20% at the beginning of the next year. Both of us did not have a lease after December, so the employer of the house building could do anything that he wanted. Both of us were paying $1650 for the house house & starting that year, the current price for the same house was going to be $1,985. My husbandy & I decided not to renew our lease at the end of December. Both of us moved to a locale that is right outside of Beverly hills. There’s better deals on marijuana in the area, & the two of us save on rent & utilities. My husbandy still drives to Beverly Hills to toil at the clothing shop, but I quit my task at the dispensary & got a task working at a locale closer to home.

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