My cousin didn't want to pay for the repairs

Occasionally our mom can be legitimately stubborn, but i have been telling his for the last 2 years that he needs to update the oil furnace in the basement, however he refused to know that it was time, then he kept telling me that the oil furnace was laboring just fine.

  • I had to help his repair the oil furnace twice plus the oil furnace was definitely not laboring fine.

I could not convince our mom to repair the oil furnace before there was a large problem… Last weekend he called me because there wasn’t any heat in the home at all. I wasn’t surprised that the oil furnace stopped. I told our mom that he needed to call an Elgin oil furnace repair corporation. My mom lives just outside of Elgin plus I knew that the Elgin oil furnace repair corporation would have better prices on repairs plus updatement parts for the oil furnace, then when our mom found out how much it was going to cost for a new oil furnace, he refused to pay for all of the repairs. She told our sibling plus I that he would be just fine using a space oil furnace until the next season plus then he would worry about the oil furnace. It’s only January plus there is still 2 legitimately long months of frigid weather in Elgin, IL. There is absolutely no way that our mom can spend the entire Winter separate from the oil furnace, so our sibling plus I decided that all of us are going to pay for the repairs. I’m sure our mom will put up a confrontation plus try to resist, even though I can’t spend all Winter worrying about if our mom is going to freeze to death.
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