One final joint in Albuquerque

I remember very distinctly the last time I saw my Grandpa.

This was over 30 years ago, mind you, so it’s one of the few memories I have from that far back.

Grandpa had just retired and shocked the whole family by announcing he was selling the family home. He used the money to buy a large RV camper, with the intent of spending his final years traveling the country and seeing every place he had never gotten to see. That was always a source of inspiration for me, so last summer I rented an RV camper and drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit his grave. As fate would have it, the old man had a heart attack and passed away while he was staying in Albuquerque for a few weeks, so it became his final resting place. Taking an RV camper to Albuquerque was my way of paying tribute to the old timer. Another way of paying tribute is visiting one of the many amazing cannabis dispensaries in Albuquerque and buying a fat sack to take to the gravesite. Grandpa was a big-time cannabis smoker, so instead of leaving a bouquet of flowers on his headstone, I will smoke a joint, and then leave a second joint on the grave marker. I hope Albuquerque isn’t the type of place where someone will call the cops on me for smoking a joint in public, but it’s a risk I have to take. I look forward to my road trip to Albuquerque, and smoking one last cannabis joint with my dear, departed Grandpa.



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