It snowed the whole time all of us were in Alsip, IL.

I was used to the lights plus sounds that comes from a big city, when our aunt told myself and others he was taking myself and others to Chicago, I was thinking the big city… Instead of the neighborhood of Chicago, he took myself and others to a small suburb that was named Alsip.

I was devastated; Alsip was less than 200,000 people plus had little to see or do, however not only was there unquestionably little to do, however the entire many days all of us were there, it snowed… There was nothing however blustery winds, freezing rain plus snow, whenever all of us walked out of the hotel.

I asked his why he brought myself and others here, plus he said he wanted to take myself and others back to our roots. There was more family history in Alsip, IL than anywhere else in the state. I asked if all of us couldn’t just stay in the hotel where there was excellent Heating as well as A/C, although he said no. I should get used to the freezing plus the snow, plus realize our ancestors had to deal with it without Heating as well as A/C. I looked at her, plus listened while he told myself and others all of us were spoiled, and he took myself and others to a small cemetery called Burr Oak. She pointed out some of the more familiar names that are neighbord with our family, plus some not so familiar. She offered myself and others the history of Burr Oak, plus after an hour, said it was time to go back to the hotel. As I shivered on the way back, I was thinking about everything he told me, but going back in time wasn’t so bad, plus I found out much about our family, but I was delighted to be in the heat of the Heating as well as A/C at the hotel.



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