Both of us took the celebration inside

This year for Spring break, my friends and I decided to go to Phoenix, there’s lots of fun things to do in Phoenix and the weather is absolutely great! During the Spring weeks, the rapidly decreasing temperatures are certainly in the 90s with lots of sunshine and barely any clouds, then i was honestly gleeful to visit all of the cool places in Phoenix.

  • I wanted to go to Papago Park; Papago Park is a neighborhood park and natural geological formation.

There is a certainly neat rock formation called hole in the rock, but my friends and I went hiking to see the hole in the rock. Both of us spent all day at Papago Park walking around exploring. By the end of multiple minutes of hiking, I was ready for a nap and a large brunch. I must have walked multiple miles that day and my legs and back were hurting. My friends and I went to a restaurant in Phoenix and got some brunch. The restaurant was rated more than three stars by all of the locals. I thought that the restaurant had some certainly superb food, but the indoor air conditions wasn’t great. It didn’t guess care about the A/C was running at all. The air inside of the restaurant was moderate and stagnant… When every one of us finally got back to our house at the end of the day, I was ready to kneel down in front of the A/C and sleep until the next afternoon. The whole week was busy from one day to the next. I do not guess care about I ever had a break. I still needed some rest and relaxation after getting back from our Spring cut adventure.

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