I might stay in Albuquerque when I retire

My ten year career plan was very risky, but at the time it seemed like my only choice.

I had my CDL license as a trucker, and I owned my own vehicle. It was a large-cab semi truck, with a sleeping berth in the back and a tiny kitchenette so I could live there for long periods of time. My plan was to sell my house and live in the truck permanently for ten years. I had no kids or family to speak of, so I thought if I did nothing but work and live in the truck for a decade I could save up enough to retire at age 40. A lofty goal, no doubt! My job is based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is probably the place I will stay after I retire. There are a few reasons that I’ve grown quite fond of Albuquerque, but the biggest would be the people here. It’s not like the midwest where people are TOO friendly, the folks of Albuquerque are nice and polite, but know how to mind their own business. Cannabis is legal in Albuquerque, and the dispensaries are easy to find. The locally brewed beer and spirits of Albuquerque are almost as amazing as the marijuana, although they don’t get as much recognition. Another major reason I want to stay in Albuquerque, as simple as it sounds, is because of the night sky. The way the stars twinkle in the night over Albuquerque is as beautiful as any painting or work of art. Seems like a nice place to settle down.


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