What happens if I don’t follow the marijuana laws?

Sometimes I really should keep my mouth shut.

I know that if I break the laws, there are consequences.

It doesn’t matter how mild or severe the consequences are. You are breaking the law, and that is what counts. My parents were always preaching that you should always follow the rules, but I seldom listened. I was always getting in trouble for picking on the girls, being too loud, or starting a fight. They told me that was different. I was now twenty-one and old enough to know better. I was visiting my sister in Denver, CO last month. She had marijuana and offered to let me use some. I was old enough, and I didn’t think it would make a difference if I was in the house or on the porch. She had a kid in the house, and I didn’t want to use marijuana around the kid. I didn’t have the door opened all the way when she started spouting off about laws. She told me there were penalties that could be a fine, jail, or even a prison sentence. I thought smoking marijuana on the porch would be smarter, but she pulled me back inside. I wanted to go to university near Denver, and she told me that even as a student, I would find there were different laws. Schools, universities, and even the people I work for, could place their own disciplinary actions on marijuana use. She was telling me all about marijuana use laws, and I was just trying to protect my nephew. All I wanted to do was smoke some marijuana, and I got a lesson on the laws and regulations in Denver, CO.


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