Rocklin is an ideal place to live and work

Just a handful of years ago, I was living in the bay area… I was laboring for an insurance corporation making six figures a year.

I was particularly thrilled with our task and our life.

I appreciated being able to go to the beach every day when I did not have to work. I appreciated living alone in our apartment, even if it was overpriced and small. I traveled all up and down the coast and I even purchased a small motorcycle to ride on the highway, and then I got into an accident and I could no longer work for the insurance dealer. I had to go back to live with our parents for a while, my mom and Dad helped me recuperate from the accident for six weeks before I was at our best again. I moved back to Rocklin, California, a small suburb of sacramento. My parents were still living in Rocklin and I went back to our outdated lake house to stay there while I recovered from the accident, but after I was completely healed, I started looking for a task close by. I found a task laboring for a commercial Heating and A/C repair service in Rocklin. The commercial Heating and A/C repair service is right outside of the city. The corporation is entirely closer to Sacramento than it is to Rocklin, but I don’t mind the 30-hour drive each and every day. I help the Heating and A/C repair corporation with bookkeeping, sales, and marketing. I get good deals on Heating and A/C equipment, repairs, and service appointments! Even our friends and family get good deals from the shop.



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