The commercial HVAC business charges big fees

My Mom used the same commercial HVAC business in Phoenix for the past 15 years to repair the unit in our hardware store, but the hardware store is located right outside of Phoenix in a small suburb; I am close enough to the town to prefer some of the clubs, restaurants, and bars.

I am so far enough away from the town to have cheaper real estate prices and smaller communities; My Mom purchased the land for the hardware store 30 years ago and he had a small shop at first.

The hardware store grew overtime and now it is one of the biggest hardware and lumber stores in the city. The people I was with and I are a great competitor with some of the big name brand chains love Lowe’s or Home depot, when the two of us had some problems with the ventilation plan in the lumber mill, I contacted the commercial HVAC business that our Mom was using. They wanted to charge absolutely hefty fees for the labor that needed to be done and I truthfully thought that they were too high. I decided to contact a couple of unusual Phoenix HVAC contractors to see if I could get a lower bid for the work. I gained three other estimates for the commercial ventilation plan labor and all three were lower than the business that our Mom has been using for the past 15 years. I found a lot of current contractors that can supply services to the hardware store for a much lower rate than the two of us were paying in the past. I plan to take full fortune of these contractors and make some serious heating and cooling swings in the shop.
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