We purchased a ductless mini-split unit for our investment property

My husband John and I are new to the real estate industry, and we have a real estate investment company.

Last year, we finally purchased our first property. It’s a 2-bedroom 1 bathroom home in Evansville Indiana. The house was built in the early 1900s and hadn’t been renovated much since that time. So, it had a lot of the original finishes throughout the house. The previous owner had lived there for over 50 years, so needless to say, the house needed a lot of renovations and repairs. When we purchased the house, the plan was to get it fixed and place it back on the market after it was fully renovated. Thankfully, we have a great renovation team that we worked with prior to starting our own investment company and the team was able to get all the renovations done in the house that we requested. Also, the team was able to help to replace the HVAC unit with a new modern unit. The HVAC unit that was installed in this house was old and barely worked, so John and I decided that instead of installing the same system, we would get a ductless mini-split unit instead. These highly efficient units are great for small spaces and some models come with up to 8 air handlers. The best part is, the renovation team was able to install the ductless mini-split system with very little issue. After the renovations were complete, we got the house back on the market and we are looking forward to buying more of these investment properties in Evansville. And I plan on using the team to install more of these ductless mini-split systems if needed.


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