I moved to AZ for a blogging job

My best neighbor and I went to university together and after all of us were done with 4 years, all of us both went separate ways.

I went back home to the east coast and my neighbor moved to LA.

I got a job laboring as a writer for a newspaper… My best neighbor Jack tried to make his way into the cable industry! He wasn’t particularly successful, and eventually he ended up in Phoenix, AZ, where he grew up; Every one of us talked on the cellphone a couple of times and Jack told me that he was trying to come up with an method for a cable show… The cable show would be movieed in Phoenix and would feature the life of an Heating and Air Conditioning repairman. I thought it was a relaxing idea… One of the things that Jack and I talked about in university was the fact that both of our Mom’s worked in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry. Every one of us had a lot of the same things happen when all of us were teenagers and both of us l gained the same things when all of us were growing up, then when Jack mentioned the cable show, I was particularly excited. He pitched the job to some crucial executives and they told him to write a pilot plus multiple episodes, then jack flew me all the way to Phoenix so I could help him out with the writing. The two of us wrote the scripts for the cable show in less than a week and the executives gave us the orange light for a whole season. I’m going to stay in Phoenix until all of us see where this train is going.


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