I moved to Arizona for a writing job

My best friend and I went to college together and after we were done with 4 years, we both went separate ways.

I went back home to the east coast and my buddy moved to LA.

I got a job working as a writer for a newspaper. My best friend Jack tried to make his way into the television industry. He wasn’t very successful, and eventually he ended up in Phoenix, Arizona, where he grew up. We talked on the phone a couple of times and Jack told me that he was trying to come up with an idea for a television show. The television show would be filmed in Phoenix and would feature the life of an HVAC repairman. I thought it was a great idea. One of the things that Jack and I talked about in college was the fact that both of our dad’s worked in the HVAC industry. We had a lot of the same things happen when we were kids and both of us learned the same things when we were growing up. When Jack mentioned the television show, I was very excited. He pitched the job to some big executives and they told him to write a pilot as well as three episodes. Jack flew me all the way to Phoenix so I could help him out with the writing. The two of us wrote the scripts for the television show in less than a week and the executives gave us the green light for a whole season. I’m going to stay in Phoenix until we see where this train is going.

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