Didn’t want the two Heating component Minneapolis house

When my partner & I toured houses in Minneapolis, MN I loved this one location.

It was set up very oddly but, the previous owner very added onto the space without any real plan.

The laundry room was right by the front door & also contained a kitchen, but adding onto the front meant all the lavatorys were in the back of the condo & way too far. There was also a storage area that simply wasn’t finished. The owner didn’t add insulation or seal it correctly which isn’t superb in MN. I very loved the kitchen & kitchen though. The kitchen was pressing with brand new countertops & an open bar top area that could also serve as kitchen seating. The kitchen had floor to ceiling windows, a wood ceiling & gorgeous brick floors. It was the prettiest part of the house. It was the reason I wanted the house. The snag was that the condo had two Heating & Air Conditioning units, and my partner was all up in arms about this, however why were there two? Was something major the matter? For me I didn’t think it was a concern. I had never owned a condo before though; Now that my friend and I passed on the condo & are in our modern house, I am cheerful my friend and I have a single Heating & Air Conditioning unit. I can’t imagine the toil of maintaining, repairing & cleaning two Heating & Air Conditioning units in MN. My partner was right too, two Heating & Air Conditioning devices means something major was wrong with that house. Too bad, since that kitchen with those pressing windows was so charming.

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